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May 22, 2013

My heart is crying for Oklahoma

PAINT LICK — Hello readers, what a wonderfully blessed day we are having here in Paint Lick, Ky.

Not much is happening this Tuesday morning other than most are now aware with the storms headed our way. The weather people say it should smooth out some before it gets to our area, but it’s always smart to be prepared.

My heart is crying for all the people in Moore, Oklahoma, who have once again experienced a deadly tornado that ripped through twenty miles of their belongings and leveled homes to where they cannot recognize even the home where they once lived.

“It could happen right here,” as my friend Thelma says or “What’s going on with the people of this world?” another saying that I hear most every day, and you can’t help but think on how blessed we are here in this part of the country. I know we are not being singled one is, but My Lord! Do we ever stop, just in the middle of what ever we may be into... and pray. Everything HE gives us is worth praying for.

I have stopped on the Old Railroad a couple times this past week and noticed the roadway would be filled with Locust blossoms. Everywhere I look, there is a blooming Locust. It’s a great year for the trees, the flowers and all the vegetables. Please, take into account whatever comes your way and make the time spent with it, redeemable.

My sister Bernice will celebrate another year of her life on May 28 and I want to say Happy birthday to “Bernie.” I don't get to see her as often as I’d like, so it makes out time together all the more special.

Wildcat Transmission is open for business this Tuesday morning, and I’ll say it looked really good last Friday night when all the security lights were on in Paint Lick and the whole town was brightly lit. It’s been a long while since those lights were on at the garage.

The building that once housed the Community Arts Center is for sale and it would make an excellent place for anyone wishing to start a new venture in the arts. It’s also a great place to live....right across the street from us here at Friends of Paint Lick where you can make new lifelong friends.

Come take a drive through our small village. It’s a great place to hang out. The Friends of Paint Lick is now on Google Earth.

We welcome the “stuff” that you no longer have a use for and your donations will go toward helping others. Friends is planning a huge porch/yard sale on Saturday, June 8, starting at 9 a.m. If you happen through that day, take time to stop and browse around.

Happy birthday to Samantha Hale this Sunday,  May 26. She is the daughter of Billy and Terry Hale of Charlie Brown Rd. To Linda Starnes Cox, a wonderful birthday wish to you, next Thursday, May 30. She is great lady!

May God Bless, Katie Rollins

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