The Richmond Register

July 17, 2013

Flatwoods Christian Church homecoming is this Sunday

By Peggy Brandenburg

WACO — Hi!

Is it hot enough for you? Man alive – one can just walk outside and sweat will start pouring off one’s face (mine!).

What in the world did we do when we didn’t have air conditioners? Was it ever this hot and humid when we were young?  

I suppose it was, we just stayed outside and played in the shade. At bedtime our house would still be hot inside. It would take a while for the one window fan we had to cool us off enough for sleep, but when those breezes started to float over your face, sleep would finally come. (...and those were the “good ol’days?”)

 Congratulations to Jimmy and Betsy Rogers on the birth of their second grandchild! I believe Mia Ann arrived on July 15, but I’ll have to double-check on all the vital statistics and get that to you next week. Mom Ruth, Dad and big sister Payton are all doing OK and proud as proud can be of the new arrival!

 From the desk of Tim Jones, pastor of Flatwoods Christian Church, we have this reminder:  This Sunday is Homecoming day. We will begin the celebration at 9:45 a.m. with a concert by gospel music duo, Rhonda Bray and Rodney Wright, known as 1Voice. This concert will be during the Sunday school hour, and they will also provide music during the morning worship service.  

Speaker for the morning service will be Jackie Ward, a native of Richmond. He is now director of chaplain services for Christian Care Communities based in Louisville with senior care facilities across the state.

As with any homecoming service, we will have a noon meal. The church will provide fried chicken. Invite former members, neighbors, friends and family. Everyone is welcome to bring a favorite dish of food and share in the activities.

 Waco Baptist Church is having its vacation Bible xchool this week beginning at 6:30 each evening.  There may be time to get in on the last couple of days. You may call the church for more details at 369-5766.

 Happy birthday wishes go out this week to Janet Cuzick and twin sister Judy Johns (July 13); Kevin Anderson (July 18); Helen VanWinkle (July 18); Charlotte DeBord (July 20); Chloe Jarrell (July 20); Tony Fox (July 22); Jim Flora (July 23); and Sandra Burgess (July 24).

 Happy anniversary to Kevin and Lucy Anderson (July 18); and to Bart and Debbie Davidson (July 19).

 Deepest sympathies are extended to the family and friends of Wayne Webb who passed away earlier this week. To his wife Nancy, to Mary Beth, Houston, Travis, Katie, Lisa, Jeff, Brandi,  Daylan, (brother) Harold, Mildred and all the rest, may it help you to know that all of you are in our thoughts and prayers at this time.  

 That’s about it for this week, have a great one! (I can't believe I will have a brand-new granddaughter-in-law this Saturday. Joshua shouldn’t be old enough to get married. How the years fly by! Welcome to the family, Kayla. Our best wishes and love to you both.

 Flatwoods Christian Church homecoming is this Sunday