The Richmond Register

November 13, 2012

Some things we old folks remember

I was just thinking

By Dick Ham
Register Columnist

RICHMOND — I was just thinking the other day about things from our younger days that we remember. These are things most youngsters have no idea about.

An elderly lady died and her son was cleaning out her home. He brought out an old Royal Crown Cola bottle. In the top of the bottle was a stopper with a bunch of holes in it. He knew exactly what it was and what it was used for, but his daughter had no idea about it. She thought perhaps they had used it for a salt shaker, but the Dad explained that it sat on the end of the ironing board to sprinkle clothes because there were no steam irons in those days.

How many of these things do you remember? Head light dimmer switches on the floor to the left of the clutch, ignition switches on the dashboard, heaters mounted on the right side of the fire wall, real ice boxes, pant leg clips for bicycles that had no chain guard, soldering irons that had to be heated in a gas burner, hand signals to indicate turns or stops.

Do you remember Blackjack chewing gum? Wax bottles shaped like Coke bottles with colored sugar water? Candy cigarettes? Soft drink machines that dispensed glass bottles? Coffee shops and diners with juke boxes on the side of tables? Home milk delivery with  milk in glass bottles with cardboard stoppers and cream on top? Telephones with party lines, sometimes as many as four parties? Telephone operators who answered with, “number please.?” Newsreels before the Saturday matinee movie. P.F. Flyers? Butch Wax? Only three TV channels, if you were lucky enough to have that man? A test pattern that came on the TV screen after the last program of the day and stayed there until shows began again in the morning? Peashooters? Howdy Doody?  45RPM records? S&H greenstamps? Metal ice trays with a lever to release the cubes? Mimeograph machines? Blue flashbulbs? Cork popguns? Packard, LaSalle, Studebaker, Kaiser, & Fraser automobiles? Drive-in theaters? Wash tub wringers? Outhouses?

Trivia Answer –

 The historic southern city that has been known as “The Holy City” because of the many church spires on the city skyline is Charleston, S.C.

Trivia Question –

 What country and pop singer named his private jet after his (then) wife Marianne?

Thought for the day –

Young people think old people know a lot. Whatever you do, don’t tell them otherwise.