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March 20, 2013

More history about Newby

Newby News

By Carol Prewitt
Register Columnist

NEWBY — Buck Prewitt’s great-grandmother, Nora Jenkins Whitaker, lived just up the hill from him. She was a big woman who had a great fear of spiders.

Little Buck Allen, about 7 years old at the time, saw grandma heading to the facilities (better known as the outhouse). He ran behind her picking up a stick on his way.

He waited until Miss Norie, as she was known, had decided she was safe from any spiders then put the stick through a hole giving her a poke and startling her.

This is the description told to me.

With “drawers” the size of a Volkswagen down around her knees, out the door she went.  She screamed for Buck’s mother Edith.

Miss Norrie told Edith, “I knew one of them devils would get me one day.”

Buck Allen would have got away with his prank, but, after all the commotion, he took off running and was seen leaving the scene of the crime.

He remembers the deed very well, but not the punishment. I’ve heard that pure joy can erase pain. Maybe it was true in this case.

Thanks for the encouraging e-mails again this week and an upcoming story given me by one of Newby’s old families.

Don and Janice Long are proud grandparents for the second time. It’s another boy to cuddle.

Brenda Rose and Abby Van Winkle will be celebrating their birthdays in the coming week. One youngster and one not.

A good-sized crowd was seen at Newby Union’s Gospel Sing last Saturday. What great music was shared with those who attended.

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