The Richmond Register

January 29, 2014

Cold causing businesses to close early

By Katie Rollins


Good evening from Paint Lick on this very cold and windy day of Monday, Jan. 27.

My, hasn’t this winter been the coldest you experienced in some time?

I haven’t been around too very long, but in all my 50 something years, this is a first. And we’re expecting more even colder weather later in the week! As Mrs. Thelma put it, “We’ll get through it.” Makes a lot of sense to me.

This week has not seen too much action in the Paint Lick area because of the four inches of snow on the ground and the extremely cold temps that lead our very few businesses to close early or not open at all. This week, we plan to do better and get back in the groove. By the time you read this, things will be almost OK.

Many, many thanks to Margaret Burkett and our J. Cox for their help in getting our county paper to us, even during that big snow when all the roads were covered in ice. Then, there is K. Pearson who delivers yet another paper to my box. How he braves it, I don't know. It takes dedication; that’s for sure. Thank you all. When I needed to read something worthwhile, it’s a joy to pick up my newspaper and just sit and read it through. Coffee also helps when I’m stuck inside.

I had a great day last Friday when My friend and niece, Sarah Poff, had a wonderful birthday lunch in Richmond. She is always a joy. And yes, Sarah, I have tried and thoroughly enjoyed my big overstuffed chair. I mean, it’s great!

Congratulations to Kourtney Chrisman, an EKU graduate who is now living her dream as an intern for state Rep. Rita Smart, D-Richmond ,at the state Capitol in Frankfort.

Kourtney is the daughter of Kaye Chrisman with Central Kentucky Processing in Lexington where they’ve put up with my husband for some 20 years. Kourtney lives in Berea, when she is not on duty with the Legislative Research Commission in Frankfort.

Again, congrats, Kourtney.

The Paint Lick community and surrounding county was saddened by the passing of Mr. Dan Ledford on Jan. 24. Dan was known to many young people as “the bus driver who drove the longest of any other in the county. He was just one more community member who helped to make our town what it is today. I know he will be missed by friends and family.

Stay warm and dry this week, and keep your hands washed often. It helps!