The Richmond Register

January 29, 2014

No shows during cold at community center

By Donna Moberly

KIRKSVILLE — Hello, everyone.

I guess, I could talk about the snow, but I guess this has been an already daily discussion.

I think business at Susie’s has been down due to the weather. She even closed early one day. The heavy snow causes not only travel problems but more farming problems. The more snow, the more hay needed to keep the cattle happy.

Dad has been using more corn this year, too. He did grow two large fields of corn this past year, but I think he may cut back to one field next year. He doesn’t have a corn crusher, and he has been looking for a good one. If anyone has one for sale, just call me at 328-9181.

I remember helping Dad crush corn many years ago, and it was not fun. But I guess it is easier for the cattle to eat than the big ears of corn.

I spoke with Bill Golden the other day and he told me that Josh Logan will return to the Community Center in March. It is just too cold to try to heat the old gym now. So if the weather warms up, look for Josh in March.

I know the road crew has been busy. Thank you for all your efforts. It is near impossible to keep the roads clear when the wind keeps blowing snow drifts. So, thank you again. Keep safe on the roads.

Some of the churches have been having cancellations. Watch your TV for those. Safety first. Worship should begin at the home.

Just so everyone stays informed, Cathy is still on track for her wedding, Feb. 8 at 3 p.m. I hope the weather will be on track as well.