The Richmond Register

November 1, 2012

Yard sale set at Mount Pleasant church

Northside News

By Rose Miller
Register Columnist

RICHMOND — Who plans to vote on Tuesday?

I truly hope the answer to this question will be ... everyone.

Here is a quote concerning elections of which I am particularly fond. Though I can’t remember where I read this passage, the subject matter struck a chord of truth within me.

“If more politicians in this country were thinking about the next generation instead of the next election, it might be better for the United States and the world.”   

No matter who wins the upcoming election, I just pray he will end up being one of the greatest teachers in history.

I hope our next president will be like Abraham Lincoln and will proudly seek the will of God before making important decisions.

I don’t know who said it first, but “In times like these, we need a Savior; in times like these, we need our God.”

How about rolling that little rhyme over in your head and heart before pulling the lever on that voting machine?

Yes, your single vote always counts!

Mount Pleasant Christian Church on Old Lexington Road will be having a giant yard sale/bake sale this Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Folks, these women and men are famous for their cooking. There will be pies, cakes, candies, breads and their ever-popular snappy cheese. Hot dogs and chili dogs will be served with cold drinks and chips.  

The cakes and breads will be sold by the piece or whole and may be frozen for the holidays.

There will be everything imaginable for sale for the home. There will be toys and clothes galore.

Come out and say hello to old friends and drink coffee, hot chocolate or a cold soda and have lunch. Don’t miss out on this bonanza of deals!

Halloween treating should be over by the time this paper reaches you, so don’t forget to pick up all paper and rotting pumpkins outsideyour home.  Let’s have pride in our home town and keep it clean.

Believe me, whether you think so or not, neighbors and others do notice your habits of neatness.

The new general store on the north end of Richmond is reporting great sales. The public seems to have had a need for this store. I am surprised at the selection. You will just have to come out and see for yourself.

Happy birthday to a little girl named, Ella. She has a birthday on Saturday, Nov. 3.

She will be four years old and will celebrate by having a party with her grandparents and friends.

Anniversary wishes are extended to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph G. Owen. Martha and Ralph will be married 50 years on Sunday, Nov. 4. May God bless you with many more happy years together.

The old adage for the week is: “It’s not our job to see through one another, but to see one another through.”

Contact me with those special days, events and community news.  E-mail me at or call me at 661-6215.

Until next week, may God bless you and yours.