The Richmond Register

October 18, 2012

Don’t get mad – just take time to vote

Northside News

By Rose Miller
Register Columnist

RICHMOND — As I write this article on Tuesday morning, I wonder how many people are anticipating the second presidential debate this evening.

Well, friends, the only thing I know to do about the condition our country is in is to examine the platform of each candidate and supporting party, and take the time to vote according to your convictions.

Some important things we can do before we vote for a candidate is listen to his plans to reduce the national debt, produce more jobs, check out his views on international involvement and listen for his ideas on making America fuel-independent.

We need to search out the things that are really important to our families, such as the economy, free enterprise for small businesses without excessive taxation and to consider how much we want government to be involved in our everyday lives and health-care management.

So, remember friends, your votes are one way you have to express your opinions on these weighty subjects. Don’t forget to vote!

White Oak Pond Christian Church, under the leadership of Pastor Paul Tche, is sponsoring the famous “Dante’s Inferno” again this year.

For 23 years, White Oak Pond Church has hosted “Dante’s Inferno,” a youth outreach project at Halloween that explores Dante’s travels in “The Divine Comedy.”

Youth from the Richmond community reinterpret this classic literature through a Christian lens.

Through creating the inferno, our youth explore the life-affirming choices found along the journey of faith.

One hundred visitors share in an experience of the destructive choices in this world that keep us in darkness, fear and ignorance, and, only through moving toward that which is life-affirming can we experience the peace and love of God’s merciful grace, as visitors get a “glimpse of heaven” at the end of the journey.

Admission is $10 or $8 with two canned goods for the Kentucky River Foothills Food Pantry.

The productions run on Oct. 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31. On school nights, the times are from 8 to 10 p.m. and on non-school nights from 8 p.m. to midnight.

If you have questions, call the office at 859-623-6515 or e-mail office@pondchurch@org.

Sunday, Oct. 21, following morning worship, Tates Creek Baptist Church on Boonesboro Road will honor their pastor, Dr. Jerry Huffman.

The church wants to celebrate Dr. Huffman for being a true man of God, a great teacher, preacher and visionary.

The church invites everyone to help celebrate their pastor with a potluck dinner immediately following the worship service.

They want the community to know how much they appreciate Dr. and Mrs. Huffman for their dedication to God’s work.

The church wishes to tell the community what a blessing their pastor and his wife have been to their congregation.

The Tates Creek Baptist Church congregation has proclaimed this Sunday “Preacher Appreciation Day” and wants Dr. Huffman to know what his anointed calling has meant to the congregation and the impact he has had on them, Richmond and the world around them.

Congratulations to this fine man!

I would like to say hello to two wonderful sisters who live in Nicholasville. Mary and Emmery, thanks for the many years of your Christian friendship to me.

Birthday wishes go out to Jeremy Barclay, Pat Brandenburg, Carey Crutcher and Robert D. Begley.

Happy anniversary to Mrs. Marilyn Creighton and husband on Oct. 21.

May each of you enjoy your special days with family and friends.

The old adage for the week is: “Easy Street is often a blind alley.”

Call me at 661-6215 or e-mail me at with those special days and events!