The Richmond Register

April 9, 2013

Waco High School didn’t have gym in 1932 but went to state tournament

By Fred Engle
Register Columnist

RICHMOND — (EDITOR’S NOTE:  Madison Central recently made sports history by winning the 2013 state basketball championship. Here is a recollection of a previous county contender from an earlier generation that was published in past Madison’s Heritage column.)

Waco High School won its region and went to the state basketball tournaments in 1932. The regional games were played in Eastern’s gym and the state tournament was played in Lexington.

Back in those days there were A and B brackets, the local district was the 49th and Waco was in the 13th Region. In regional play, Waco upset Hazel Green, 23-12. Waco’s scoring was from Payne (10), Cain (1), Chamberlain (2), N. Hill (1), R. Hill (7) and Click (2). In the other regional bracket, Mt. Vernon upset Corbin, 20-19.

Mt. Vernon won the A bracket and Waco won the B bracket, and the two teams met in the regional finals.

In the regional finals the score was Waco, 29, and Mt. Vernon, 19. Waco scoring came from Payne (10), Click (4), R. Hill (8), N. Hill (7). Cain and Chamberlain played but did not score. Al Smith coached the team.

According to contemporary accounts from the Richmond Daily Register, Waco High School had only an outdoor basketball court. By March, the court was muddy and rough. Madison High made their floor available so the Waco squad could practice for its trip to the state tournament. 

Regional trophies were presented to the team by two names familiar to long-time residents of the county – W.F. O’Donnell and Charles (Turkey) Hughes.

In the first game of the state tournament, Waco faced Lowes High School from Graves County. Waco won handily, 48-22. Scoring for Waco were P. Payne (20), R. Hill (10), N. Hill (8), Click (8), Chamberlain (2), Cain (0) and H. Payne (0).

In the next game, Newport defeated Waco 21-16, eliminating our Waco boys. In further state tournament games, Hazard beat Newport in the semi-finals and Hazard then went on to win the 1932 state championship by a score of 15-13 over Louisville Male.

Our 1932 Waco High team advanced to within two games of the state championship – we are still proud of you Waco.

Many thanks to Mrs. Ledell Curry for copies of old Register stories. Doyle Fritz tried to find me a photograph of the 1932 Waco team, but we were unable to find the picture in time to run this article.  If anyone has an old team photo of the boys who played an indoor game out of doors - and played it well enough to get to the state tournament – let me know and we will try to run it later.

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