The Richmond Register

December 13, 2012

Wishing for a White Christmas

Paint Lick news

By Katie Rollins
Register Columnist

PAINT LICK — It’s a blue, rainy, Monday morning all over the area and the air has a chill that keeps dropping with the passing day. We’ve had some more rain this past weekend, Huh? The water below our county bridge is higher that I’ve seen, in a while. This cold snap is going through, but it looks as if we’ll see warmer temperatures later in the week. It’s time for snow!!!!

I think we need the white stuff to capture the beauty of Christmas. The evening with Don and Beth Weber last Thursday at the Community Arts Center was so great, I think we need to do it again. Those two are so interesting and Don is always so full of laughter. I found that Beth likes goats and she specializes in their production. You can call the Arts Center for upcoming classes at 925-2741 and talk to Hal and Yvonne. They are great people and I know you will enjoy the tours of the Arts Center.

This past Saturday at Halcomb’s Knob Bed and Breakfast, a friend, Gail Adams and I visited the Open House and Ribbon Cutting of this beautiful and peaceful place on the knob. There is a huge mountain behind the home of Deborah Messenger and it was so breathtaking, especially after we gathered our eats and went to sit on the porch facing the forest of trees. Gail and I had a very relaxing two hours in those rocking chairs after a tour of Deborah’s home. She and her friend Ron have really made Halcomb’s Knob Bed and Breakfast into something special and I have high hopes that I will get to go back for one of their ‘afternoon teas’.  If this sounds good to you, give Deborah a call at (859) 925-9936 and she will treat you really good, especially with all the delicacies to eat.

The Paint Lick Post Office has some beautiful Christmas stamps for all your cards and letters, and I even bought some to give as gifts so mine can send their cards. It’s like a gift in a gift, something special.

Christmas is upon us and I have a hint or two about gift giving. First off, if you have trouble cutting the wrapping paper on a straight line, just let your eye follow the tip of your scissors and it comes out fine, every time. A gift of food is always welcome, whether it be your special cheesecake or that sweet, salad dressing that goes with most everything on your Christmas dinner table. Don’t forget, there’s always the gift of money. If you need a fine, crisp bill and no time for exchange, just throw the bill in the washer inside the pocket of some jeans, like I did, and it’ll come out so clean. Place the bill inside a cloth napkin and a light iron does wonders! I know.

Practical gifts for children become more wanted if you tuck a surprise inside. A pair of warm, fleecy pajamas could have an old time story book folded inside and the fingers of a pair of gloves will hold some bright new nickels and dimes.

Kids have so much these days and it’s so hard to find them that little thing no one would ever think of receiving, so I suggest placing a card under the tree that says “I love you” or “with hugs and kisses for a whole year.”

Happy birthday to a dear lady, Miss Janine “Jannie” Garlic of Cave Springs Drive in Lancaster this Saturday, Dec. 15. I miss you! Also, to my friends Ramey Taylor who shares a big day with Jannie on Saturday. We, at the Friends of Paint Lick would love a sit down.

Happy birthday to Terry Shell Brown also on Saturday.

May your week ahead be brighter than today and may God Bless!