The Richmond Register

January 22, 2013

An elderly minister speaks

Just Thinking

By Dick Ham
Register Columnist

RICHMOND — I was just thinking the other day about something I’ve had for quite some time that I decided my readers would enjoy.

This was written by a Rev. Smither, an elderly minister who lives in Tennessee. I must admit, I totally agree with him, and believe most of my readers will as well.

“I wish the old paths were before us instead of behind us. I liked the old paths, when moms were at home, dads were at work. Brothers were in the Army and sisters got married before having children.

Crime did not pay – hard work did and people actually knew the difference.

Moms would cook, dads would work and children would behave.

Husbands were loving, wives were supportive and children were polite.

Women wore the jewelry and men wore the pants.

Women looked like ladies, men looked like gentlemen and children looked decent.

People loved the truth and hated a lie. They came to church to get “In,” not to get “Out.”

Hymns sounded Godly, sermons sounded helpful, rejoicing sounded normal and crying sounded sincere.

Cursing was wicked and drugs were for illnesses.

The flag was honored, America was beautiful and God was welcome.

We read the Bible in public, prayed in school and preached from house to house.

To be called an American was worth dying for. To be called an American was worth living for. To be called a traitor was a shame.

I still like the old paths the best!”

Since sharing the above writing, it seems appropriate for me to include this as well: On Saturday Jan. 19, I experienced something that warmed my heart and made me feel positive about the future of Richmond, the state of Kentucky, the U.S.A. and for the entire world.

The front page of this newspaper carried a story that morning about the students at Model High School and the young man they elected homecoming king. These youngsters opened their hearts and gave Chris Chen that honor.

Chris is a very special young man and it says a great deal about the students at Model.

They actively promoted him and voted him their homecoming king. I know the parents of all these kids must be extremely proud.

Trivia answer – The 1818 Bardstown, Ky., residence Federal Hill Manor was the inspiration for Stephen Foster’s “My Old Kentucky Home.”

Trivia question – What Kentucky actress had to deal with W.C. Fields as her daddy in the 1940 movie “Bank Dick?”

Thought for the day – Some folks say, “The best thing on TV today is the OFF button.”