The Richmond Register

September 11, 2013

Fish supper at Cartersville this Saturday

By Katie Rollins


It’s an early Tuesday morning here in Paint Lick, busy as usual with many cars that travel through on the way to somewhere.

I just had a wee bit of a talk with a friend who said “it’s dead”.... meaning our town, and maybe we could use a grocery store.

I am always praying for the possibility of even a mini-market that sells sandwiches and drinks, and I honestly believe someone could do really well with all the traffic that passes. They just need advertisement.  

We’re having some great weather, and it will be even better later this week.

Our garden has been flooded so this year it makes the ground around our bean patch look bad. But with a little tilling, our beans are beginning to bloom and it looked good to see some  flat Missouri Wonder beans in the patch yesterday.

This is our first year trying to raise flat beans in the fall, and it has kept us busy with tilling, after the rains have washed the minerals from the soil. Prayers needed!

My sis Betty and I went to Tussey’s General Store in Round Hill last Friday for Susie and Doug’s good fish dinner.

They have a full menu each day, including the weekends, with just about anything you want to eat, and you can call them for grocery items at 328-4000.

Now, it’s time for the Cartersville Ruritan Club’s all-you-can-eat fish supper this coming Saturday, Sept. 14, from 4 to 7 p.m. The cost is $8 for adults and $4 for kids. Carry out is available. I hope to go, as this will be their last fish fry of the season.

The Paint Lick Family Clinic will be closed the last of the month on Thursday and Friday,  Sept. 26-27. Pencil it in on your calendar.  

On Saturday, Sept. 21, an auction will be conducted at the old home of the late Ms. Arzelia  Rogers on the hill just outside Paint Lick. They will begin early with numerous personal items  to be sold from the estate.  

I will keep the news short this week and say “happy birthday” to Denise and David Hagan, this Saturday, Sept. 14.

May God Bless