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March 27, 2013

How Newby acquired its name

Newby News

By Carol Prewitt
Register Columnist

NEWBY — Lynn Grove passed this childhood memory to me.

Lynn was born in Madison County and, at the age of two, he moved to Gary, Ind.

Every summer, he would return to visit relatives. His grandparents, Harmon and Eliza (Windburn) Newby, lived on Glyndon Avenue in Richmond. Grandfather Harmon operated a blacksmith shop on North Street.

As a child, Lynn often wondered why the little community of Newby had the same name as his grandfather.

One day, he asked grandmother Eliza about it. She told him his great-grandfather was a teacher in the Richmond area. On the weekend, he would come to our area with his newspaper and, if some of the residents would gather around, he would read it to them. TheNewby family was prominent in the area at the time.  

Lynn understood that once a post office was to come to the neighborhood a name had to be given to the area. Because the Newby family was a big part of the area as far back as 1769, and because of Lynn’s great-grandfather’s kindness, Newby seemed a natural choice.

Lynn’s wife knew he longed to return to the Richmond area, so, when he retired in 2003, she made the suggestion to move here and he was happy to agree.

It was good to hear from Dorothy Curry last week after she read the story of Buck’s great-grandmother. She has known the family a long time, but never heard that particular story.

Jean Bogie called and asked me to remind everyone of their sunrise service at Big Hill Christian Church on March 31 at 7p.m. They also host a family movie night every other Monday. It’s free with popcorn and soft drinks provided.

Brenda Rose’s mother was in the hospital over the weekend, but is at home now. We hope she does well.

Tonya Tipton will be celebrating a birthday today, March 28.

The community will truly miss Archie Simpson who passed away Monday. Our condolences to Jimmy, Barbara and family.

I have enjoyed this week with my brother Ron, sister-in-law Helen and my sister Kay, who came in from Michigan to visit. They came to get away from Michigan’s cold weather, but brought it with them instead!

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