The Richmond Register

December 22, 2013

Make good impression your first day at new job

By Jennifer Napier
Register Columnist

RICHMOND — “I hope the new hire doesn’t turn out like the last person that was in this position,” states a co-worker.”

You glance at the clock and turn back to the co-worker and comment, “Well, it’s only five minutes until the new hire’s shift starts. Hopefully they won’t be late on day one.”

With only seconds left of the clock before the shift starts, the new hire comes rushing through the door. Your co-worker rolls their eyes at you as the new hire heads your way. The new hire looks a little frazzled. You ask the new hire, “How is it going today? Are you looking forward to your first day on the job?”

The new hire sighs and begins to tell you about the morning they had.

“I don’t know why this crazy cell phone even has an alarm clock. Half the time it doesn’t work! Plus, after waking up late and rushing to to get my children ready for school, I realized the gas tank in the car was empty.”

You are already dreading the day you will have to train this distracted new person. You are not sure if the new hire is going to be focused on their work and don’t want to waste your time on someone who isn’t serious about the job.

The first day on any new job can be tough, but the experience is completely based on the new hire’s preparation and attitude toward the new job.

First impressions are lasting impressions so the new hire should demonstrate enthusiasm and an eagerness to work for the company. The new hire’s team of co-workers will usually remember them and their first day when there is a problem or when they think the new hire doesn’t really want to work.

When you get hired or change jobs, take into consideration that you are the person who is responsible for being prepared on your first day.

You are responsible for setting an alarm clock and having a back-up system in place in case the alarm does not sound.

If you have children, you are also responsible for securing reliable childcare and having an alternate childcare plan in place so if the childcare provider is unable to care for your children on the days you are scheduled to work.

It is also your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle is fueled and properly maintained every day. You do not want to experience automobile problems that prevent you from being on time or cause you to miss work.

Do not set a negative tone at your new job by showing up late, providing co-workers with excuses or being lazy and not offering to work or assist them. This only makes your co-workers tend to not like working with you. Show up on your first day early, dressed appropriately, and demonstrate an eagerness to learn and work.