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January 15, 2014

Viral illnesses make their rounds

PAINT LICK — It’s a bit colder this Tuesday morning here in Paint lick but the sun is shining so beautiful, a big change from Monday when the clouds and rain kept me inside most all day. I’ll have to say  it felt good to stay home and get some much needed ironing and mending finished .   

My husband Doug has had some sort of virus bug … they all say it’s going around … so I stayed in on Sunday too and while I  missed being with everyone at church, I certainly didn’t need to spread anything from our little neck of the woods.   

Doug says he feels better and he did go to work on Monday, so I am relieved. Our temperatures dropped on Monday after the rain started and it may be the cooler temps and rain washed some of the virus out of here. Daddy used to tell me that it took the colder air to make one feel more like moving around.    

On a sentimental note … today (Jan.14) marks the anniversary of my mother’s death. It’s hard to believe she’s been gone 50 years and as I get older, I feel I need her more, so I do some talking, whenever and it helps. I only pray that she knows how well we all are getting along. Our Mom left a “passel of young’uns” and I know it had to be hard on my older brothers and sisters.    

So, as time passes so much faster than it used to, I gain a bit more about life every day  and

I thank God for all that’s been given.   

I certainly would like to say “thank you” to whoever it was in the Paint Lick and Cartersville Fire and Rescue truck on Thursday evening of Jan.  2. I was driving down the Old Railroad and feeling really scared about going up the hill out of Paint Lick … the temps had dropped and the rain was turning to ice … it was so cold.

I saw the rescue truck with lights and wondered if something was wrong. The driver pulled into the fire house lot and  motioned me on up the hill. He seemed to know I was going that way.

Folks, it felt so good to have those guys behind me as I drove in to work. Our fire department is there for us at all times, and I never appreciated it so much as I did that evening. Thank you.    

I heard about a newly formed group … the Dove Creek Singers will be coming to The Gospel Barn here in Paint Lick and one of the singers is from the original Coon Creek Girls. I will have more information in another column or you can call Walter and Myrtle Jones at  925-3011. I hope to hear that group do some singing.

A belated happy birthday wish to my nephew, Terry Cheeks of The Smokehouse Grill. He had his big day on Sunday, Jan. 12. Happy birthday to Earl Parker Jr. on Jan. 22 and then another nephew, “Gary T.” Thomas Cheeks, brother to Terry on Jan. 24. May God bless you all and please remember to bundle up and stay dry.    

Katie Rollins.


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