The Richmond Register

January 10, 2014

Downtown Cafe offers music, games, food

By Sam Alford
Register Correspondant

RICHMOND — On the wall of Café Meeples there is a quote “Meeple: Blend of my and people.”

Meeple is defined as a small person-shaped figure used as a player’s token in a board game.

Café Meeples’ interesting combination of food and entertainment makes it stand out among other restaurants, according to co-owner Ron Flickinger.

The unique entrees and board games offered at the cafe now may be accompanied by live music. Meeples has added a new stage for performances and has hosted one live performance with plans to do more.

The first  performance, Dec. 7, featured “All the Little Pieces,” a local group that has a blues/rock sound and plays on electric instruments, Flickinger said.

The band is scheduled to make a second appearance at Meeples on Jan. 16.

Flickinger said the plan is to have concert night/live music on Fridays and Saturdays with open mic night on Thursdays. He added that the open mic nights were projected to begin around February.

Artists and those interested in showcasing their talents are encouraged to contact Meeples at as well as send in audio and video of their talents.

Flickinger said the cafe boasts the largest board game library in Kentucky with more than 300 titles and counting as they plan to grow to 500 by the end of the year.

Ron’s partner in the business is also his life partner and wife, Sara Flickinger. The two said they decided to open Meeples in November with the vision of a full board game café. Along with board games they have video games available to play while customers wait on their food. “Café Meeple is serious about the quality of its food, drink and entertainment. We love to entertain but here it really is all about the food,” Flickinger said.

Some of Meeples signature choices are: Jamaican jerk nachos, Meeples’ latest creation, the Foxworthy, and their number one seller, the Famous Grilled Piggy.

Jamaican Jerk Nachos are a special homemade recipe of chicken on chips covered with queso cheese and drizzled with BBQ sauce.

The Foxworthy is a sandwich that consist of beer cheese, grippos, bacon and white American grilled to goodness. The famous piggy is a BBQ pork sandwich accompanied by bacon and cheddar cheese on garlic bread.

Café Meeple also is the only store in the county to sell bubble tea, according to Flickinger.

Café Meeples hosts birthday parties and small groups as well. A private room is available at $29.95 for two hours. However, for small groups the 29.95 fee is waived if the group spends equal to or more than the $29.95 on food and drink on Café Meeples dishes.

Birthday parties do not have the waiving option but are provided a party guide, a Meeple associate to assist them.

“Café Meeples is a great place to meet with friends and dine,” Flickenger said. “We allow you to host game nights for you and your friends while you enjoy good food and we handle the part nobody like, cleaning up and cooking.”

With the largest board game library and many unique sandwiches, Café Meeples plans to make your time a good one, Flickinger said.

For more details, check out Café Meeples on Facebook, or give them a call at (859) 353-5206.