The Richmond Register

June 11, 2014

Students ‘bloom’ at EKU computer camp

By Machaela Ballard
Register News Writer

RICHMOND — Eastern Kentucky University’s Computer Science Summer Camp is not exactly a week in the woods.

Classes including computer game design, introduction to robotics, architecture design, and Japanese animation allow participants ages 7 through 18 to explore their interest in computer sciences, “And learn a little bit while they’re having fun,” said camp coordinator and EKU Computer Science professor Kristen King.

The camp, every week in June from noon to 4 p.m., is a place for attendees and leaders, all undergraduate students majoring in computer sciences, to really bloom, King said.

Computer science majors and young people interested in computer science tend to be reserved, King said, but that’s not the case this week.

“At this camp, everyone is interested in the same thing. I get to see my majors really come out of their shells, because the kids look up to them,” she said.

EKU senior and camp leader Alex Burgy-Vanhoose said the campers remind him about his dream when he was younger ? to have the knowledge and skills to create video games like the ones he loved to play. Now that he understands computer programming, he likes to share the knowledge he wishes he had when he was their age, he said.

The camp has changed a lot since its inception 14 years ago when most of the courses were about creating lego robots, King said. Campers today get to choose from a much larger variety of courses.

Three new classes were added this year: Unity 3-D game design; choose your own storyline gaming, which allows each student to find a different game path based on choices they make throughout the week; and this summer’s most popular course, Minecraft, in which students can play from separate computers in one world.

Registration for the camps’ third and fourth weeks are still available for $120 per week at

Some scholarship opportunities are still available. Call Kristen King at 622-2103 or visit the website for more details.