The Richmond Register

April 25, 2014

Central Latin students celebrate Rome’s birthday

National Classics Week

By Crystal Wylie
Register News Writer

RICHMOND — Madison Central High School students have been celebrating Greco-Roman culture this week for National Classics Week.

Roman-themed activities were planned for the week of April 21, which is the day Rome was founded in 753 BC, said Bari Clements, Central’s Latin teacher.

On Wednesday, more than 20 students decked out in togas and tunicas took the half-mile trek from the school to Babylon Gyros Mediterranean restaurant on Main Street for their annual Toga Walk. This has been a tradition for Latin and classical mythology students since 2009, when the restaurant opened.

A Cenae Romanae (Roman dinner) also was organized for which students researched, prepared, presented and sampled traditional ancient Roman fare for a class project. Appetizers (gustatio in Latin) included boiled eggs with pine nut sauce, squash with herbs and spices, egg soup and bread salad.

The main course (cena) included Lucanian sausage, roast lamb with ginger sauce, chicken saltimbocca, meatball ragout and chicken Frontinian. Dessert (secunda mensa) included dates Alexandrine, pear patina, honey cookies with sesame seeds and Roman sweetcakes, Clements said.

Students kicked off the week on Saturday with Classic Family Day at the Madison County Public Library in Richmond. Students created catapults and launched marshmallows, made Roman army helmets and dressed up in Roman clothing.

Students created a shirt Monday for Rome’s birthday and could wear it for bonus points.

On Tuesday, students were encouraged to wear purple and gold, colors associated with Roman emperors and magistrates.

Students concluded the week with Toga Bowling on Friday evening at the Galaxy Bowling Center.

National Classics Week also is an opportunity to get community exposure, Clements said, part of a nationwide contest to get the word out about Latin through the National Junior Classical League.

At Central, there are approximately 170 students in Latin I and AP Latin and around 150 students in classical mythology, Clements said.

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