The Richmond Register

October 2, 2012

Be a Smartie

MCHS student remembers wreck by raising seat belt awareness

By Kaitlin Keane
Register Chief Photographer

RICHMOND — Brittany Means, 17, Madison Central senior, handed out Smarties candy to students wearing their seat belts on the way out of school Monday, Oct. 1. On the  one year anniversary of the serious car wreck that put her and a friend in the hospital.

“These kids are going to be used to make a difference,” her mother, Stephanie Means, said.

With the slogan “Be A Smartie Wear your SEAT BELT. Don’t be a Dum Dum,” Means, friends, and faculty passed out Smarties to students wearing seat belts and Dum-Dum suckers to students not.

Brittany organized the event because she said Central and her classmates really helped her though the healing process after she was in a life-threatening auto accident that could have left her paralyzed.

This was a way to give back and say thanks, she said.

“I didn’t see anybody without a seat belt on,” Brittany said, “and that’s a blessing in itself.”