The Richmond Register

March 12, 2013

Good manners

Register staff report

RICHMOND — “That’s not good table manners,” a Glenn Marshall fourth-grader reminded his first-grade buddy Rodney Lawson as he licked ice cream out of a bowl while waiting for a spoon at Outback Steakhouse.

Heather Fain’s first-graders and Christy Johnson’s fourth-graders were able to put the table etiquette and restaurant manners they have learned into use Thursday for lunch at Richmond's Outback Steakhouse.  

“We want them to practice the restaurant etiquette and for them to be exposed to potential jobs or career opportunities in our community,” Johnson said.

The students had a choice of water or pink lemonade to order from the waiters. They also were introduced to what an appetizer is and got to practice how to safely use a knife to cut their bread.

Outback Steakhouse manager, Anthony Mayer, taught the students how a Bloomin’ Onion and other items on the menu are prepared.

After their meal of grilled chicken or a hamburger with a side of apples or carrots, students were taken on a tour of the restaurant.

“My chicken was fresh and delightful,” one student told the manager while his plate was being taken away.