The Richmond Register

December 27, 2012

Beams in place for pedestrian bridge at EKU

By Bill Robinson
Register Editor

RICHMOND — A giant crane on Thursday morning lowered the two main support beams in place for the new pedestrian bridge that now crosses the four lanes of Lancaster Avenue.

The bridge will link Eastern Kentucky University’s campus with the privately owned student housing development under construction by Grand Campus Communities at Lancaster Avenue and Barnes Mill Road. The bridge also will link the campus with the Lancaster Avenue parking lot that serves some on-campus residence halls.

Ed Worley, who is developing the property with Brent Rice, said the bridge could be ready for use as early as April. The sidewalk on the campus side of Lancaster Avenue that had to be taken up to move telephone and cable TV conduit for the project should be back in place when students return to campus Jan. 14, he said.

The project remains on target for its first 64-unit apartment building to be ready for student occupancy in August, Worley said. A second 64-unit building is scheduled for completion the following year. When finished, the complex will house 512 students.

Worley said the project had gone “exceptionally well,” with the only weather delay so far occurring in September when the contractor was putting in foundations for the building.

The new path for Barnes Mill Road that will eliminate a curve in the thoroughfare has been paved, except for the final layer, Worley said.

Some landscaping along Barnes Mill Road is in place, he added. Landscaping and fencing for that side of the project should be done sometime in the spring, when the developer said he expects the new roadway to be open to motorists, the developer said.

The retention pond that is the main feature of a green-space buffer between the development and Pembroke Drive is complete and is 60 percent filled with water, Worley said.

Another 2 to 3 inches of rain will fill the pond, he said.

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