The Richmond Register

November 17, 2013

Students teach students about health

At Berea Community School

By Crystal Wylie
Register News Writer

BEREA — Berea Community School High School health students, led by teacher Cathy Jones, coordinated their first-ever all-day health fair Friday in the school’s Conkin Gymnasium.

With help from the school’s Wellness Club, Jones said students were challenged to create interactive projects that covered a variety of topics, such as the effects of smoking, bullying, yoga, personal hygiene and more.

The fall fair was geared to elementary students, and a fair planned for the spring will cater to middle/high school students, Jones said.

Elementary students also had the chance to stop by and say hello to Veggie Man on Friday. However, the costume, borrowed from the Fayette County Health Department, had to be put away when primary grades came in because some young students had mixed feelings about the towering green figure with vegetables all over his body, the health teacher said.

St. Joseph Berea Hospital brought in a large inflatable colon through which students could stroll, and a nutrition class from Berea College contributed two of the event’s 12 booths.

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