The Richmond Register

October 31, 2010

Ben Chandler has proven record


RICHMOND — Four-term Congressman Ben Chandler remains the best choice for Madison County.

Chandler has been committed to funding the destruction of the Blue Grass Army Depot’s chemical weapons stockpile, and bringing in much-needed grant funding to the area.

He also continues to work in the county to bring forth more energy-efficient resources.

In recent months, Chandler has announced $6 million in federal grants to support Eastern Kentucky University’s bio-fuels project and a $2.3 million ARRA loan to keep a local manufacturer in operation.

Chandler also has supported funding for Pattie A. Clay, Berea Health Ministry, volunteer fire departments and many other local agencies.

His Republican opponent, Lexington attorney Andy Barr, calls out Chandler for voting for the stimulus bill that turned out to be, in Barr’s words, a “ ….. breathtaking failure.”

The fact is that this stimulus package helped keep approximately 3.3 million jobs for American workers.

Chandler showed his willingness to go against the grain by supporting energy and climate control legislation, also known as “cap and trade,” in a state where coal is king.

He supported his vote by saying that there is no reason why coal cannot survive alongside renewable energy sources.

Recent polls indicate a close race for 6th Congressional District, but we urge readers to make the best choice for Madison County and vote for Ben Chandler.

We do not believe Barr has the experience or the success record needed to make a difference in today’s world of politics.