The Richmond Register

October 31, 2010

Lisa Davis our pick for clerk


RICHMOND — The office of county clerk is one of the most visible offices to the members of the community. Most residents must visit the office at least once a year, and some need the clerk’s services more often.

It is very important that the clerk we elect be able to handle the demands of a fast-paced, service-oriented office and be a “people person.” The clerk sets the tone for the rest of the staff, and should be approachable, friendly and organized. The clerk should encourage the same from the staff.

Among the three candidates, one of them stands out as the most capable of handling this responsibility. That candidate is Lisa Davis.

With her career and life experience, Davis is prepared to lead the clerk’s office in the right direction, and implement any necessary changes to make the office as efficient as possible.

More importantly, Davis will set the right example for her staff. She has pledged to treat everyone fairly, with courtesy and respect. We believe she will. By all accounts, Davis is friendly and approachable.

We can’t say the same for Republican Kenny Barger. Although he has business experience that would be beneficial, in our estimation, he has not shown the right temperament for a position that requires so much interaction with the public.

Independent David Johnson has the right temperament and previously worked in the clerk’s office, but perhaps lacks the leadership experience this office calls for. We encourage him to keep developing his skills and run for the office again in the future.

Join us in voting for Lisa Davis as county clerk.