The Richmond Register

August 27, 2013

Police investigating arson attempt at fire training center

By Seth Littrell
Register News Writer

RICHMOND — Richmond police are investigating the attempted arson of a police cruiser and a fire truck that occurred early Tuesday morning at the Richmond Fire Training Center on Four Mile Road.

According to Richmond Fire Chief Buzzy Campbell, entry was gained by pulling the fence in front of the center up from the ground and climbing under it. The suspect or suspects then pulled some garbage out from under a trash can and piled it up under a cruiser with some dried grass. The pile was lit on fire, but it did no damage to the vehicle, Campbell said.

The old fire truck on display at the center also was targeted, Campbell said. Some cardboard had been stuffed in the truck and lit, but Campbell there was only minimal damage.

There are no security cameras installed at the training center. A large electric gate was closed at the time of the incident, preventing entrance from the street.

Campbell said the Richmond police are investigating the break-in, but to his knowledge no suspects have been identified yet.