The Richmond Register

June 11, 2014

Man charged after high-speed Berea chases

Register Staff Report

BEREA — Jonathan A. McCullough, 35, of Berea, was arrested in connection with two high-speed chases early Wednesday morning and threats to Berea police officers.

Around 3 a.m. an officer observed a vehicle driving almost 100 mph, according to a BPD report.

The vehicle, pursued by officers for a short distance, began swerving into the oncoming traffic lane and turned off its headlights in areas that had no lighting, the report stated. During the chase, an officer recognized the driver as McCullough, and police terminated the chase, the report added.

Approximately 30 minutes later the vehicle was spotted and again pursued. But that chase also was soon terminated, the report said.

The vehicle was found abandoned several hours later on Cherry Road Court and impounded.

Officers then received a tip around 10:15 a.m. that McCullough was on Chestnut Street. While searching the area, the suspect called police dispatch and made threats against officers, saying he would use a weapon, according to the report.

McCullough’s cell phone was traced to the area of Scaffold Cane Road, near the Berea College walking trails. Businesses in the area were notified, as well as city hall, daycares and Berea College, the report said.

Officers located McCullough behind the Get It Quick on Scaffold Cane Road, the report said.

McCullough was charged with three counts first-degree wanton endangerment of a police officer, first-degree attempted assault of a police officer, first-degree fleeing or evading police in a motor vehicle, third-degree terroristic threatening, reckless driving, operating on a suspended license, failure to illuminate headlamps and speeding.

He was taken to the Madison County Detention Center where he remained Wednesday evening, according to the jail’s online records.