The Richmond Register

May 14, 2014

Motorist who sped through neighborhood to be charged

By Christopher Payton
Register Intern

RICHMOND — Monday night, Richmond police clocked a car traveling at 60 mph through the Gibson Bay residential area where the speed limit is 15 mph.

Although he wasn’t apprehended, police managed to determine the driver’s identity will be pressing charges, RPD Chief Larry Brock said.

When an officer initially tried to pull the driver over, he kept going, resulting in a chase that state police eventually joined, Brock said.

The driver went through “a couple different” residential areas where police lost track of him, the chief said. However, visual pursuit resumed when he was seen speeding along Catalpa Loop Road.

Police then pursued the driver out of Richmond on Irvine Road.

When the driver began to follow hilly, windy roads, Brock said police supervisors ordered the chase terminated because they deemed it a risk to public safety.

With the driver’s identity established, although not released, the supervisors believed police could catch up with him later, the chief said.