The Richmond Register

October 22, 2012

News story, local businesses lead to new TV at library

By Crystal Wylie
Register News Writer

RICHMOND — In early October, the Register published a routine crime story titled “Library ‘baffled’ by theft of 42-inch TV.” This was one of the few crimes stories to have a happy ending.

The owner of Pieratts in the Richmond Centre contacted the Madison County Library the day the article ran and offered to sell the library a $600 television for a discounted price of $400, said Ruthie Maslin, library director.

Shortly thereafter, Okonite’s contributions committee offered to purchase the television for the library.  Members of the committee said their grandchildren and children love to visit the library and “was especially moved” by the story because the television was intended for the children’s area, Maslin said.

“Both Pieratts and Okonite said they called us because they read your article in the paper,” Maslin said in an email to the Register last week.  “It was a beautiful gesture that arose from something very negative, and your article brought it about.”

On Oct. 5, the Register reported a 42-inch television had been stolen from the library in broad daylight.

There were no signs of a break-in, said Richmond Police Chief Larry Brock. The television had been in a hallway near one of the offices and was apparently taken while the library was open, he said.

No library staff had been suspected in connection with the theft, Maslin told the Register, but it was believed someone gained access to a restricted area.

Even after reviewing all of the security footage, the investigation has not led them any closer to finding out what happened to the stolen television, Maslin said Friday. “It’s still an open case with the police, but the chances of recovering the TV seem pretty slim.”

The television’s model number is #42CS560. Anyone with information regarding the case is asked to contact the Richmond Police Department at 623-1162.

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