The Richmond Register

October 1, 2009

Waco Pentecostal Tabernacle fundraiser Saturday

Peggy Brandenburg


Here we are in fall again!

How do so many leaves fall off a tree and get scattered in so many different directions in one day?

How many more leaves are still on the tree that will turn and fall and be scattered in the days to come?

It almost makes one want to wait until all the leaves are off the tree before picking up a rake or broom. That might be better than raking and sweeping each day for many, many days to come.

If the wind we had on Monday could wait until all the leaves were ready to fall, then blow with those 30 mph-plus gusts, we could get all of the leaf-raking done at one time, couldn’t we?

This Saturday at 8 a.m., Waco Pentecostal Tabernacle, 322 Flint Road, will conduct a yard-and-bake-sale as its fall fundraiser. So, before you begin raking the leaves that fell this week, mosey on over and find yourself some treasures, perhaps something for an after-the-raking treat later in the day.

Get well wishes are sent to Leon Centers, who spent a couple of days in St. Joseph-Berea’s ICU last week. We’re pleased to say he’s home and doing much better.

Glad-you’re-better and hope-you-continue-to-get-better wishes go out to Gene Smith, who has had a rough time of it lately. After spending some time at the VA Hospital in Lexington, he, too, is now home and continuing to improve.

Good job on going through your artery “procedure” on Monday, Jerry Brandenburg! Who knew you could get in and out of a hospital so quickly? Kidding aside, we are glad everything went well and that you’re already out and about.

Congratulations to Aleisha Rose on the birth of her nephew, Ely James. Aleisha and her mom and dad (Tammy and Dennis Rose) traveled to Wisconsin last Friday to be with their daughter, Heather, and give their first grandchild a proper, in-person, welcome. Congratulations everyone.

Up and coming birthdays and warm wishes are sent this week to: Tina Horn, Dwayne Moberly and Monica Edwards, Oct. 2; Chandler Brandenburg, I-can’t-believe-he’ll-be-7 years old on Oct. 6; Sharon Lynn Davidson, Oct. 8; and to all the Waco area people with birthdays this week, we say salute!

Sympathies are extended to the family and friends of Donald Satterfield. May it help you to know that you’re in our thoughts and prayers.

That’s about it for this week. Have a great one!