The Richmond Register

March 19, 2009

Take care of your community: Don’t litter!

Katie Rollins

Hello readers. The late evening sun is shining through an upstairs window from where I’m sitting and I notice the brilliance of an outer ring that seems to flow toward the creek as it (sun) begins the journey into the night. I do love to just look and enjoy all we have on this Earth to appreciate. It’s always the little things that seem to make up the circle of life. Like the bright yellow daffodils blooming in Mrs. Callahan’s yard and the many buttercups alongside the road — the little things.

But with the good things, also comes the bad. The trash up and down the Old Railroad is beyond any I’ve seen in 30 years. In one deserted drive, someone had emptied the junk contents from inside their vehicle and this I believe because now I see where what used to be a white trash bag has been scattered all over the ground, most likely by a hungry dog. The cigarette butts, dirty napkins and old, torn magazines were in the mix of the bag. But then, Paint Lick is the place where everyone drops their animals to feed from something in that white trash bag. All up and down the Old Railroad, there are old cans and broken whiskey bottles and the deadliest of all, the plastic Mt. Dew container.

If somone feels the need to go “picking up” these aluminum cans, I’ll warrant you, if these cans are really dirty, they’ll leave them lay. Now, I am all for collecting cans and even old pieces of aluminum and believe me, I’ve done enough gathering and selling, but anymore, if you see me on the side of the road, I will not be picking up cans. A few years ago, while my grandchildren and I were picking up trash down our road, an unfamiliar car drove through and shouted, “Here’s another one lady” as he threw out a McDonald’s bag with leftovers inside. I suppose, by now, you’re finding my writing just a bit too ... (you know, even I don’t know the word to use) sarcastic, maybe.

At this point, I feel a little ashamed of how we all treat this small community. Paint Lick is a beautiful place with wonderful people who are always willing to do a little extra when needed, but these days, I guess we’re all in too big a rush to take care of all the small things that make up that little circle of life.

I have a request from a lady at Friends. She will be caring for her grandchildren this summer and is asking if anyone has two small bicycles, maybe with training wheels, or even a trycicle, that they may want to give away. She could sure use them. Moderate repairs would not be a problem. If you have these just lying around, call me at 925-2203. Also, a friend is still looking for big stew pots ,12-15-gallon size for use in a soup kitchen.

Good Friday services will be conducted April 10 at Fairview Christian Church. Everyone is encouraged to attend. The Paint Lick Christian Church is planning an Easter egg hunt on Saturday, April 11. The times will be announced. Sunrise service at Paint Lick Christian will begin at 7 a.m. with breakfast to follow. Everyone is welcome to come and take part in our worship services for this special Easter holiday.

It was so good to visit with my sister Emma on Sunday, and lately, I have these four brothers who just seem to show up in Paint Lick a lot, and it’s right when I need you. I love you all. J.T., Johnny, Bobby and June. You all are “the cream of the crop.”

May God bless.