The Richmond Register

March 19, 2009

Waco Elementary honors Dr. Seuss

Peggy Brandenburg


How many times did you get pinched on Tuesday for not wearing green? How many times did you pinch yourself on Tuesday because you wanted to make sure you weren’t dreaming when the whole day was so spring-like beautiful? Ahhh, the birds chirping, the green finally peeping through the winter-brown ground, buttercups showing off their new spring bonnets and daylight after supper to enjoy a little porch time — it is getting here!

Speaking of St. Patrick’s Day and green, Waco Elementary was the scene for “green eggs and ham” in the kindergarten rooms on Tuesday morning and that evening the “upper classmen/women,” under the direction of Ms. McNeely, performed a musical highlighting a few of his books — no wonder it was called a “Seus-ical” and now I get the green eggs and ham breakfast on Tuesday (a tribute to that whimsically wonderful children’s author Dr. Seuss!) Isn’t it amazing what very important days and dates we might miss if it weren’t for our children! Did you catch the Line Dance Teams’ performance on Monday evening? Great job, dancers and Coach Dimitria Rogers!

Guests from Rice Station were at Flatwoods for their “Family Night” last Sunday evening and presented their “White Glove” program. This Monday, the Flatwoods BFC Men’s’ Fellowship will be at Sand Hill Christian Church beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Happy birthday wishes go out this week to fellow columnist Tim Jones on March 22 and happy anniversary (belatedly) to Tom and Lori Moberly on March 1, Patrick and Chae Dennis on March 4 and Leslie and Jessie Masters on March 8.

On a personal note, Fred and I visited kinfolk in northern Kentucky last weekend. Remember the rain? Believe it or not, the weather was very nice “up north” relatively speaking — no rain and quite warm. On the way home, we noticed the closer we got to Madison County on Sunday evening, the wetter the roads looked and the cooler the air felt.

We enjoyed spending time with Uncle Paul and Aunt Mae Anglin, as well as seeing cousins we haven’t seen in a while. We also had the privilege of visiting and listening (our first) to “cousin” (and now Pastor) Paul Anglin Jr. delivering his morning message to the congregation of Ludlow Baptist Church. The church was beautiful, the congregation so welcoming and the message so absolutely uplifting by one of the finest speakers we’ve had the pleasure of hearing. We are all so proud of you, Paul, Jr. On another personal note, Uncle Paul (Sr.) continues his battle with cancer. He and his family appreciate your prayers and humbly request that you continue to keep them on your prayer list.)

That’s about it for this time. Have a great week!