The Richmond Register

May 3, 2014

RAAC gives White Hall its own derby

By Bill Robinson
Register Editor

RICHMOND — Most of the ladies wore extravagant hats, and the men were dressed in rather sporty attire.

The crowd got misty eyed as they listened to a choir sing “My Old Kentucky Home.”

And little guys rode horses at an iconic Kentucky location.

The food was pretty good, too, including the obligatory hot brown and chocolate pecan pie.

This was neither the Kentucky Derby or Churchill Downs, however.

It was the Richmond Area Arts Council’s annual Derby Brunch at White Hall State Historic Site.

In addition to the Treble Clef Youth Chorus, RAAC’s children’s choir, singing the state song, the event featured other classic Kentucky music. The Willow Branch Wanderers maintained a lively atmosphere with some fast-paced bluegrass music.

There were races, too, as children rode bouncy horses or stick horses. A few bouncy-horse riders suffered spills, but none seemed any worse for the wear, and everyone finished their races one way or another.

There was even a Maypole dance, something that probably didn’t take place at Churchill Downs.

Last year children performed a Maypole dance, but adults got into the act at this year’s brunch. The women volunteers who helped stage the event and served the food did the honors. Most of them dressed in white, with a few in spring colors wound around the pole, weaving an intricate, multi-colored ribbon around the pole.

Everyone enjoyed a laugh as Deborah Kidd, RAAC executive director introduced them as “the Derby Brunch pole dancers.”