The Richmond Register


October 9, 2012

Barr answers student questions at Madison Middle



RICHMOND — Do you support Obamacare?

“I do not support Obamacare ... Health care is an important issue, it constitutes one-sixth of the American economy. What we shouldn’t do is ram it through without bi-partisanship ... When you’re dealing with a subject that’s so important to so many people, we should do it in a way where there’s compromise and where both sides are part of the process, that was the first part of it I didn’t like ... I think it will compromise education in the states. This is exactly what I mean when I say we can’t impose new costs on states where they can compromise our commitment to public education ... It puts bureaucrats between patients and doctors. It sets up this board of bureaucrats in Washington, a 15-member board of unelected people to make decisions about whether senior citizens should get the health care that they need. I don’t think that’s right. I think the health care decision should be made between the patient, their family and that patient’s doctor.”

Why does Mitt Romney want to cancel Sesame Street?

“I don’t think Mitt Romney or anybody wants to get rid of Sesame Street. We all love Big Bird, I watch Big Bird. I love Big Bird [lots of applause]. I do think if we’re going to reduce our national debt, we need to be careful about how we spend money. Remember, we are spending over a trillion dollars a year more than what we take in. China owns most of our debt ... Whether it’s Public Broadcasting, or any other expenditure of money, we have to ask ourselves, is it worth the spending? We should never pay for things we can’t afford and pay for it by borrowing that money from China.”

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