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April 30, 2013

Model tuition going up $500 in fall, another $500 next fall

EKU tuition to rise 3 percent

RICHMOND — Tuition at Model Laboratory School will rise by $500 this year and another $500 next year.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Eastern Kentucky University regents adopted the administration’s tuition recommendations that its finance committee had endorsed in a morning meeting.

The tuition hikes will generate about $330,000 in revenue for Model, Karen Neubauer of the EKU budget office told the finance committee. That would equal about one-fourth of the $1.2 million the university contributed to Model’s operation this year.

Adoption of a tuition rate for the coming year would appear to indicate that the regents will not move to close the state’s last remaining university-operated laboratory school.

The regents have set a goal of reducing the university budget by 10 percent or $23 million, and some had feared Model could be a target for elimination as all programs were up for review and justification by a campus task force.

For university students‚ tuition will rise 3 percent in the fall, the most allowed this year by the state Council on Postsecondary Education.

Residence hall rates will rise by 5 percent as the board also adopted the administration’s recommendations for these rates.


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